During the cold war the U.S. and Norway had a strong military alliance during which the Norwegian military was partially funded by the U.S. After the Cold War ends is when this story begins.

Jens a professor of linguistics at Trondheim University makes a breakthrough in bird communications. Hoping a similar break-through in delphinidae communications will occur, the Oceanic Sea Mammal Research Institute in Kristiansund, Norway convinces Jens to leave the University. Where he successfully communicates with a dolphin named Kong who had been injured, rescued and rehabilitated by the Institute. The U.S Navy helps fund this research. During their complex inter-species communications about philosophy, religion and history Jens and Kong develop a friendship and a strong bond, while discovering that dolphins, like Vikings, have mythological historical beliefs about how the world began and tragically ends. In order to protect the Institute’s funding and to acquire Jens’ knowledge about delphinidae communications with the assistance of the U.S. Navy, Jens is kidnapped and taken to the U.S. Kong who had been released back into the wild is the only witness. In order to rescue Jens, Kong must follow the US Naval Vessel to the US and against his every survival instinct must communicate with and trust in other humans to Jens’ family and a couple of Jens’ research colleges.

Tore Olav Arnesen


I am a retired professional engineer, scientist, and inventor, who has authored or co-authored and published numerous technical and professional and/or business related articles, peer reviewed papers and standards. This is my first Novel…